What Leaders Can Learn from Rock and Roll

What can you learn from the culture of Rock and Roll to impact your leadership skills?

Imagine crazy crowds of 100,000 fans, touring the world and playing with the biggest names in Rock and Roll colliding with the corporate world of strategy, structure and business meetings. What do these two seemingly opposite worlds and cultures have in common?

And what can you learn from each of them that you can apply to your career immediately?

Introducing Leadership Rhapsody.

You will meet Wayne Strickland a former business executive with a 38-year executive career and Tanya O’Callaghan a global touring bass player. They met at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp and a very unexpected friendship developed. Tanya and Wayne combine to give you stories and insights from their journeys that your audience can apply to their professional development.

Tanya left home in Ireland at age 17 to become a professional musician. She will tell you about her journey of highs and lows, thrills and disappointments.  She will tell you what it’s like in the day-to-day life of a global touring musician who has played the big stage with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, traveled the world with the River Dance, played on stage and in the studio with members of Guns N’ Roses and many other legends. You will get insights on how a musician has to “work it “ ALL day, EVERY day to survive in the music world.

Wayne a business executive who has led teams of over 10,000 people and was responsible for a $1Billion P&L will share what leaders can learn from Tanya.  Wayne will explain what “mastering your craft” looks like for leaders.  He will provide examples of what skills you must master to become a great leader.  He explains the insights he has learned from Tanya and shines new light on how to examine your leadership skills and what questions you should be asking yourself.

At the end of their iconic presentation they will perform with their band a medley of Rock and Roll songs that will have the house standing and rocking it out with them.

This is a unique, insightful, high-energy and entertaining keynote presentation that will have everyone talking and dancing.

In addition, Wayne and Tanya can help you promote your event.  They have a combined social media reach of over 50,000 people. Tanya is heavily followed on Instagram and Facebook and Wayne has trended many times for #leadership on LinkedIn. Wayne posts new content on LinkedIn every day.  Tanya keeps the world informed of her travels and performances each week. Tanya and Wayne can post short videos and other content on their platforms to help you market your event. 

They can make themselves available for Q and A with your host, attend social events and even provide entertainment during your event with their all-star band.  (The band is a separate engagement.)